For YTONG/ XELLA Bulgaria

At the beginning of 2010 Sofia Advertising Company took part in the competition, organized by XELLA Bulgaria, for the YTONG blocks successful sales’ Annual Advertising Strategy. The brief included Media Mix and Creative Ideas for 2010.

Even before receiving the brief we knew we would be working with the great team of Eye Worx… of course, if they wanted, too… we were eager to see what they would come up with Smile We have a sincere friendship with Eli, now we have the same with Ju Smile Thanks for the support! Once again they proved their professionalism and once again we realized that friends are a great treasure indeed. We know that we have a wonderful partner that we can rely on, just as we rely on ourselves!

The ideas born are worth seeing! That’s why we share them although they remained unrealized.


YTONG blocks for renovation ideas:


YTONG A+ ideas: